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American Bottle Picture Gallery

The American Bottle Picture Gallery is a combination of pictures sent to us from our loyal customers and friends and upcoming auction information, people in the hobby and a host of other things going on in the hobby. It will include new pictures of exciting bottles, bottles coming up for sale in the auctions and lots and lots of color. If you want to send us a picture of a latest find or just send us a picture of something you photographed and found interesting, we’re happy to publish it. Just let us know if you want us to use your name and we’ll include it in the Gallery. So check it out from time to time and give us your email address so we’ll be able to keep you up-to-date on upcoming events in the bottle world. The Gallery is for you, the collector, the bottle enthusiasts and people who appreciate the wonderful beauty that glass bottles behold. Enjoy our website, we’ll be continuing to add new and interesting news and pictures to share this terrific hobby with collectors today and the ones that are to come.

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09.26.12 The Owl Drug Website...or David Levine's Sounding Board?

Commentary Part 1 By Jeff Wichmann I recently became aware of a website of »


�   Fred Holabird is pretty much known throughout the hobby as "the Nevada »

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